5 Main Tips to Sell a Wrecked Car in UAE

5 Main Tips to Sell a Wrecked Car in UAE

Don't worry if you're concerned about selling a wrecked car in UAE. WeBuyCars.ae has expertise in buying thousands of junk cars. Therefore we are aware of exactly which forms must be completed and how to do so. If you provide us the necessary information over the phone, we'll give you the FREE online car valuation and you can fill the forms out and ready for your immediate signature.  

Sell a Wrecked Car in UAE to Your Insurance Provider!

In the event of a serious accident, your insurance provider will probably declare it a total loss, or "totaled car." This is so because an automobile that has been in a serious collision is less safe than one that hasn't been damaged. As a result of the higher risk involved in insuring a less secure vehicle, the insurance company will probably decide to cut their losses, declare that the vehicle must be taken off the road, and pay you the financial compensation that you can use to purchase a new vehicle.

So, yes, selling a totaled car to your insurance company is a possibility. However, you must remember that they will offer you the smallest sum available AND subtract the cost of your deductible from your premium, so this may not be the greatest way to get rid of it.

Bring it to An Auto Salvage Auction!

There are a few factors that make this not your best option even though it is another way to sell a destroyed car. The first step is getting it to the auction website. Since there aren't many auction locations, you might have to travel quite a distance from your home to participate.

In addition, once you get it there, junk car buyers will want to offer the lowest amount they can for a car that is in terrible condition. Even worse, there's no certainty that the automobile will sell! Imagine having to haul your automobile all the way there and then all the way back because no one was interested in buying it!

Offer it to a Junkyard!

Your damaged car will be taken in by a salvage yard, which will then disassemble it. They essentially act as a middleman, paying you cash for your junk cars in exchange for the salvageable parts, which they then resell to nearby technicians. This could sound like a fantastic plan, but the towing over to the yard will be one of your biggest expenses.

It's rare that you'll receive a price guarantee from the yard before you bring the vehicle there, making it one of the riskier methods of selling a damaged car because you can end up spending more on the tow truck than the amount of money you receive!

Sell it To a Scrap Metal Yard!

In order to sell it to a metal recycler, a scrap metal yard will purchase metal from any source (including obsolete appliances and cars). Before selling the car to a recycler, they frequently have to disassemble it and clean any fluids (such as the motor oil, transmission fluid, etc.).

This adds another step to the process that costs money. Additionally, because they are paying for it, you will receive less money this way for your trash car. You'll need to haul it there once more.

Offer it to a Company that Buys Junk Cars, like WeBuyCars!

The greatest method for how to sell a totaled car for the most money is to sell it to a junk car buyer. Especially if you work with WeBuyCars, which offers free online car valuation!

Consider Selling Your Junk Car to Us If Your Car Is Wrecked!

As we previously mentioned, selling a totaled car doesn't have to be difficult. This is particularly true if you use online ways as we buy totaled vehicles. How simple can it possibly be?

With us, selling your junk car for cash is as simple as you want. With years of experience in the junk car buying business, we offer a simple method that makes getting rid of your car as easy as possible.

  • Speak with one of our helpful customer service specialists by calling. Give them your car's make, model, year, condition, and mileage over the phone, and we'll make you a cash offer right away. Additionally, you can visit our website and, in less than 30 minutes, receive a quick offer from our scrap car value calculator.
  • Once you accept your monetary offer, please let us know the best time and location to pick up your item(s). Even same-day pickup is available!

Therefore, if you own a damaged or even totally totaled car that you don't want to fix, contact us or visit our website to submit an online application right now.


What can I use a damaged automobile for?

You do have options for selling a wrecked car if the price of repairs exceeds the value of the vehicle. However, since they vary, it is up to you to weigh all of your options and compare their prices and benefits. The best option for you is to sell it to WeBuyCars.

Who buys wrecked cars near me?

Unexpectedly, a lot of individuals purchase garbage cars. Just probably not private buyers. You may offer it to your insurance provider, a salvage yard, a scrap metal buyer, or a firm like WeBuyCars that buys trash cars.

How may a wrecked car be sold most effectively?

Car buyers are the best option if you want to sell your totaled car because it is the simplest, cheapest, and most convenient. We will provide you with courteous customer service, a high-value guarantee, free valuation, and all the necessary papers. All you need to do is give us a call, schedule an appointment, and sign the document.

What if another person has a car accident while you're driving?

What happens if your friend crashes your car? Is a common question. The majority of the time, the response is that since you are usually at fault if someone else smashes into your car, your collision insurance must pay for any resulting car damage.

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