Terms and Conditions

We Buy Car is the main car-selling online platform where you can sell your car in any condition. Additionally, you could not imagine anything better than knowing the advantages of selling your used car with us. We help our customers with selling their vehicles easily.

These terms and conditions will help you with understanding how you can use this platform and in what way. This includes the services which are given to you that you can book through this site. Assuming you keep using these services this means that you accept these terms and conditions.

Before you are ready to accept these terms and conditions. It’s easy to read them cautiously particularly assuming you will utilize our services. These terms and conditions will help you to see better the way in which we offer these services to you. We help you with some important data and ensure you about when any problem occurs what you can do.

Information about us and how to contact us

You can contact us in different ways, you can select the one which is easy for you. We have our contact number +971 50 447 4100, email info@webuycars.ae or you can directly contact us through our postal address Arabian Center Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Platform usage

We Buy Car is an online platform helpful for people who want to sell used cars online. Our experts have years of experience in this industry and they always try to help them fairly and quickly. Our towing services for our customers are totally free. If you want to know the functionalities of our website then we’ll be happy to inform you that we work for people whose first priority is to sell used cars in a good way. If you don’t know the value of your car doesn’t worry, we provide you with free valuation services. Before we decide to buy your car we have inspected your car internally and externally.

We informed you here about our terms and conditions before getting access to us make sure you have clearly read these terms and conditions. We don’t allow you to use this platform for any other purpose.

We make the best efforts to use this platform for the customers. We Buy Car has the right to make any change to the website even if we can change the whole website without informing you.

The reason to make changes in the website or different parts of the website can be the functionality of the website or the performance issue. We can make changes to the different legal issues like we can change the privacy policy, cookie policy, etc. To keep yourself updated please read our privacy policy, cookie policy, and terms and condition continuously.

We’ll be happy to inform you that all the data and formation we collect are totally secured and cannot be shared anywhere without your permission.

Our experts can guide you in the best way possible, whether you want to secure your data or not. This could be done when you get access to us online and a meeting is done for the further dealing process. If the dealing process is completed at any time you can cancel your deal without paying charges. If our experts can’t respond to you in a given time then we will surely contact you as soon as possible.

Car selling

When a meeting is scheduled between you and our experts then can ask for the dealing process. This might be decided by our experts or you can decide by yourself about data security. If we cannot provide you with our services on time then we inform you about the problem and delay in the time. You also can cancel the deal if not find any way which is helpful for you without paying any charge.

Finalize the deal

Our experts first inspect your car that what damages and defects and another issue it has. After this inspection, our experts give you a detailed report on the present condition of your car.

We save this inspection report in our data and then use it for the valuation process of your car.

Our experts will analyze the actual value of your car according to the market price after the inspection process of your car.

A valuation report is helpful for you to know the market value of your car at the present moment.

If you fully understand the valuation report and really want to sell your car then finalize the deal right away.

We don’t charge for viewing your car, so customers can appoint a meeting anytime with us.

Problems during dealing

If you have any problem with us during dealing you can contact us our experts at any time. You can contact them through our contact number which is available on our site. In this case, our experts listen to your problems carefully and come back to you in less time.

If you are not happy with our services when you decide to sell your car, at that time you will get access to our experts who will help you in the best possible with no time.

Payment method

  • We already discussed that the exact value of your car will be given to you after the inspection of your car.
  • We care about our customer needs that’s why towing of your car is free of cost.
  • We provide the payment method according to your choice whether you want cash payment or a direct bank transfer. It’s up to you what payment method you want.
  • When you come to our site to sell your car we never charge any extra payment for car inspection or car valuation.

Responsibility for loss and damage suffered by you

When you decide to sell the car at We Buy Cars and you get another offer that is better than us at that time you cannot revert the deal. You can not force other users of this website to use other websites even if you can’t refer them to other websites. You are responsible for any loss which is happening because of your breach. You have to fulfill all the loss which is caused by you. If there is wet weather and you want the inspection of your car. So it will be difficult for us to inspect your car in this climate for buying your used car.

Restrictions and Trade Mark ownership

You can’t share any sort of information without our permission about your car modification, sale, resell, licensing, etc. Even you can’t display any information publically until we allow you. All the logos, content, company name, and trademarks are our personal property or the property of our advertising partners. You cannot use these logos, graphics, content, or trademarks without our written permission.

Use of your personal information

In our privacy policy, we have clearly discussed that for what purpose we collect your personal data and from where we collect this data. If you want more information about the usage of your personal data, please look at our privacy policy.

Other terms and conditions

Without you and us, nobody can access this contract even no one can change the data of this contract. We inform you even if we have any little change in this contract. We can’t share this contract with any other person without your permission. If any point of this agreement is not according to the law then other points of this agreement will remain same with full force and law.