Cookie Policy

To make the searching experience on the internet better We Buy Car makes this cookie policy for you to save your personal information.

A cookie is a lot of information that is stored by the website on the visitor’s computer and this information is used by the user’s browser each time it visits the website. We move that cookie’s data to your hardware equipment after you agree.

There are several categories of cookies and we use the following:

Personalization Cookie

This cookie policy is used for different purposes, like how you access our website, what pages you view, and what sort of information you enter on the website. In short, we use this cookie policy to save your personal data. We save the data of the visitors who visit our site repeatedly. We can say that it’s all about browsing information.

Analytics Cookies

This type of cookie policy is used to remember the user’s experience with our site. How they analyze our website and what activities they performed here. We also know the interest of our customers and what kind of content they enjoy most. We use the following analyzer, Google Analytics:

Third-party services cookies

Other companies have their own cookie policy but these companies are run by our website because we have social sharing websites on our site.

Finalize the deal

We don’t own third-party’s cookie policy because they may drop their cookies if we logged in to them. So it is better to read all the cookie policies before accepting them.

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You might notice that there is little space available on our site. We use this space for the advertisement of different websites. They pay us for this Ads post and you enjoy this content for free. We also do some setting by keeping the view about our visitors interest that what they like to watch on our site. For this purpose, we saved your information on your PC and don’t use the personal data of any individual. We also help our advertiser to post the information according to your interests by keeping safe your previous data. For example, we show you only the car advertisement if you visited the car website before. If you don’t want to see Ads and turn off the advertising cookies it doesn’t mean you can’t watch Ads. Ads will be shown to you but this may not to your interest. We use services which are below underneath, Google AdSense (ad partner)

Functionality cookie

This cookie policy is used to remember your preferences and greet you with your name. These cookies save your information whenever you visit our site. The cookie policy is helpful to save your time for entering personal information like region, language, etc.

Site Management cookie

To stay aware of your session or identity on the site we utilize these cookies. For example, when you vote on evaluations of public feeling we guarantee that you vote simply at once. This will also help you with using our remarking usefulness whether or not you are not logged in. we ensure that you would not see those comments that you reported as harmful or spam.

While utilizing our site there might be other outsider cookies and we have no control over them. Its more intelligent to peruse their cookies no less than once. Despite the way that there is not any decision that you can pick chosen cookies however you can select all cookies immediately in your browser setting. Assuming that you selected all cookies from your browser you can not see any outcomes in that frame of mind of your site regardless of whether these mean quite a bit to you.

What kind of data do we collect?

We collect your personal information which means any kind of information which is related to you. We collect different types of data discussed below.

  • Your ID (user name, first name, last name, date of birth, gender, and others).
  • Contact details (email, contact no, postal address).
  • Payment details (bank card details and other payment details).
  • Transaction details (This detail will be very helpful for you when you have made any payment detail with us and with our services).
  • Profile information (Your reviews, preferences, and interest that you make during our site visit).
  • Technical data (your IP address, operating system, version and type of your browser, and all the other ways which you have used to get access to this site).
  • All your activities that how you come to our website, where you click on the website, and the services you have used.
  • We also collect demographic information that doesn’t uncover your personal data. This data can be utilized to distinguish a specific feature in our site that is used the most in our site.
  • We never force you to give special categories of your own data. That includes your belief, sex, political reviews, philosophical beliefs, and other information.
  • Assuming you cannot share your personal data with us, you would not have the option to get access to our site.

Method to collect your personal information

We use different methods to collect your data which are discussed below,

  • Direct Iteration

    You can provide us with your personal information by filling out the form available on our site. You also contact us through email, phone number, or directly at our postal address. This includes personal data you provide when you are applying for our products or services, create an account on our site, or subscribe to our services or publications. You also provide us data about marketing to be sent to you, enter a competition, promotion, or survey, give us feedback or while you contact us.

  • Collecting data automatically

    We will automatically collect Technical Data about your hardware, browsing actions, and patterns, as you interact with our website. We collect your personal data by using cookies, server logs, and other similar technologies. We may also receive Technical Data about you if you visit other websites linked to our cookies. Please see our cookie policy for further details.

  • In what way do we use your personal data?

    We use your personal data to manage relationships with you and we also can inform you about our privacy policy by keeping this data saved. We will only use your personal data when you allow us. Most commonly, we will use your personal data in the following ways, we will directly ask to you before sending any third-party link, marketing emails, or messages. This is how we care about your consent. You can revoke these marketing emails, and messages at any time by contacting us.

  • Purpose of using your personal data

    We use your personal data to manage relationships with you and it is also helpful for you because we can inform and notify you about the changes in our privacy policy. To tell you about better maintenance of your system and use your personal data for troubleshooting. After this, we can show you appropriate and better advertising which is according to your need. We use your information for improving the functionality of our website by having a better customer relationship experience and services.

    We make assumptions about what you might need or find interesting based on your Identity, Contact, Technical, Usage, and Profile Data. We select those services or goods which are according to your interest in this way we care about marketing emails. If you have requested information from us, bought products or services from us, and have not chosen to opt out of receiving marketing communications from us, you will receive them.

  • Reject marketing mails

    You have the right to tell about your consent. You can request to stop sending marketing emails to you without any reason whether it’s from us or other third parties. You ask them that you don’t want to see these emails anymore.

  • Cookies

    If you want to give access to the cookies of the website to collect your data you can select it from the browser. You can set your browser to reject all or some browser cookies or to alarm you when sites set or access cookies. Assuming you disable or deny cookies, if its not too much trouble, note that a few parts of this site might become inaccessible or not function appropriately. For more data about the cookies we use, if its not too much please see our cookie policy.

  • Data security

    We have set up proper safety efforts to keep your own information from being unintentionally lost, used, or accessed in an unapproved way, changed, or closed. In addition, we limit access to your own information to those representatives, specialists, workers for hire, and other third parties who have a business need to be aware. They will just deal with your own information on our directions and they are dependent upon an obligation of privacy.

  • How long we will use your data?

    We will just hold your own information however long and sensibly important to satisfy the reasons we gathered it, including the motivations behind fulfilling any lawful, administrative, duty, bookkeeping, or revealing prerequisites. We might hold your own information for a more drawn-out period in case of a grievance or on the other hand if we sensibly accept there is a possibility of the suit in regard to our relationship with you.

    To decide the proper maintenance time frame for personal information, we consider the sum, nature, and awareness of the personal information, the expected gamble of mischief from unapproved use or exposure of your own information, and the reasons for which we process your own information, and whether we can accomplish those reasons through different means, and the pertinent legitimate, administrative, assessment, bookkeeping or different necessities.

  • Your legal rights

    You have several protection laws through which you can access different legal rights, You can request a copy of the data that we have through which you can access your personal information. Although we keep your data up to date if you need any changes in this data you can request the corrections. In this way, you can correct your data at any time. You can also request to delete your data and information whenever you want. But it might be possible that we need time to compile your request. You can object to us at any time when we use your data for marketing purposes.