Be Aware of the Hidden Charges When Selling Your Car

Be Aware of the Hidden Charges When Selling Your Car

Selling your car can be a difficult process as we've worked in the auto industry for many years, and during that time we've heard plenty of sly ways that car sellers can be duped. For used cars, hidden costs can vary, which can significantly reduce your earnings.

We can't control the fees at other companies, but we can at least highlight some key points you should be aware of when selling your car. does not operate by hiding fees in the fine print.

Towing Charges When Selling Your Car

The easiest fee to avoid when selling your car is also the most expensive. Choose a different buyer if a company, dealer, or buyer expects you to cover the cost of towing, particularly if your car isn't operating.

Furthermore, you may benefit from this when haggling over a price if your car is roadworthy. If you can deliver the car in person and have a friend pick you up, you might be able to negotiate an extra off the asking price.

Fluids Expenses

Many used car buyers, also known as scrap car buyers, will not pick up your car unless the petrol tank is empty, in which case they will charge you. A fee severely reduces your profit if you're selling your junk car for cash.

Not to mention that it can be risky and time-consuming to empty your petrol tank on your own. Before you accept an offer, make sure to find out if there are any requirements for vehicle liquids.

Be Aware of Documentation Charges

Certain companies that offer "cash for cars" claim that they will handle the paperwork, but when they come to pick up the car and give you the cheque, they deduct it from your initial offer due to a small "document transfer" fee.

Make sure you obtain a guarantee that the car buyer will handle the paperwork and that no fees will be deducted from the quote before accepting their offer.

Vehicle Detailing and Cleaning

Although this hidden cost is uncommon, that just makes it more upsetting when it does occur. Two strategies exist to prevent this:

1) Verify again that the person or location you are selling your used car to will take it "as is."

2) Maintain a clean car. This may come as a shock, but if you are selling a car, chances are good that a potential buyer will base their offer on the state of the interior.

Maintaining your car regularly demonstrates that it has been well-maintained, which may explain why it may be in better shape than most similar makes and models.

How Can I Keep Myself Safe?

The most crucial thing to remember is that honesty is the best policy whether you're selling a car to a local car buyer, a dealership, or an online buyer. Request a breakdown via email if you feel that you're not understanding all of the hidden costs and pricing.

Email-based negotiations provide you with a record to refer to if there is a complaint later. Additionally, give the cheque back and instruct them to release your car if the amount on it is less than what you were quoted and you still own the car. Until the car leaves your possession and all the paperwork is signed, the sale is not final.

How Much Is Your Vehicle Worth?

Everything Begins with a Number. There are numerous figures to take into account if you decide to sell your used car the conventional way:

  • The value of your used car according to Kelly Blue Book
  • The true value of your car after deducting things like dents, smoke damage, condition, etc.
  • The price of repairs needed to make your car appealing to potential purchasers
  • The cost of an inspection to make your car roadworthy
  • Five, Ten, Fifteen, or More Ads You Will Write and Pay for
  • The monthly 80 million additional classified ads that are uploaded to Craigslist
  • The amount of time lost in meeting prospective buyers

Your used car is probably worth less than you would have imagined when all the numbers are taken into account. And the longer it remains on the market without a buyer, the less value it has. That’s why we at have our car valuation calculator and you can get a FREE online car valuation in just 30 minutes without any market hassle.

To speak with a helpful vehicle purchasing agent, call +971 50 447 4100. Make a 10-minute phone call to to receive a free quote. Your car can be picked up by us in as little as 48 hours.

There are no out-of-pocket costs for you.

Whether your vehicle is operating or not, a representative will locate the best cash offer for your like-new or damaged car, truck, SUV, RV, or boat. The number that matters most is that offer, which has the potential to put actual money in your pocket more quickly than you ever would have imagined.

Why do you wait? Give a quick call to find out what your car is truly worth. You'll be shocked at how simple and quick it can be to sell your car!

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