Can I Sell a Dubai Car in Abu Dhabi?

Can I Sell a Dubai Car in Abu Dhabi?

In the United Arab Emirates, having a car is a widespread practice for both residents and foreigners. But having a car also means having to make sure all the legal paperwork is in order, including the ownership transfer when you buy or sell a car in Abu Dhabi or Abu Dhabi. 

We will examine the detailed procedure for changing the ownership of a car in each of the two main United Arab Emirates emirates—Dubai and Abu Dhabi—in this extensive tutorial.

How to Give Up a Car in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

In Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital, transferring car ownership is a simple procedure. Knowing the procedures for transferring ownership of a car is important whether you are buying or selling one. Let's examine the procedures and extra sources for obtaining more information.

Step 1: Compile the Necessary Records

Be sure you have the necessary paperwork in place before starting the ownership transfer process: 

The vehicle registration card (Mulkiya) is the most crucial requirement for the vendor.

Emirates ID: The Emirates ID must be presented to both the buyer and the seller.

Passport and Visa Copies: Valid passports for both the buyer and the seller, as well as a UAE residency visa.

Insurance Certificate: A current certificate of insurance covering the car.

Sale Agreement: It is necessary to have a written, notarized sale agreement.

No Objection Certificate (NOC): Get an NOC from the financing bank if the car is being financed.

Step 2: Examining the Vehicle

For a thorough examination, both parties should bring the car to an authorized car inspection facility. This guarantees that the car satisfies environmental and safety regulations. An essential component of the ownership transfer procedure is the inspection certificate.

Step 3: Remit Overdue Fines

Verify whether the car still has any unpaid fines. The transfer cannot start until these are resolved. Via the Abu Dhabi Police website, fines can be paid online.

Step 4: Go to the Department of Traffic

Go to one of the authorized vehicle registration locations or the Abu Dhabi Traffic Department. By using the online services, you can locate the closest center.

Step 5: Finish the Application for Transfer

Fill out the application for a car ownership transfer at the registration center. Send in this form and all of the necessary files that were listed.

Step 6: Payment

Make the required payment for the transfer procedure. These costs could change based on the kind of vehicle, how old it is, and other elements. The cost details are available online on different websites.

Step 7: Obtain the New Registration Card

You will receive the new car registration card (Mulkiya) in the new owner's name as soon as the transfer is authorized.

It could take a few days to finish in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, so it's important to carefully follow each step. Always check the official government websites of the traffic authorities in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for the most recent information and any changes to the procedure. The website for the Dubai RTA  is a trustworthy resource for information regarding automobile ownership transfers in their respective emirates.


Can I sell a car registered in Dubai to a buyer in Abu Dhabi?

It is possible to sell an Abu Dhabi-based buyer an automobile registered in Dubai. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and the Abu Dhabi Traffic Department can help with the process, which entails moving the vehicle registration from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

What documents are needed to sell my Dubai-registered car in Abu Dhabi?

You will need the vehicle registration card (Mulkiya), a current Emirates ID, a signed sales contract, and a clearance certificate from the Dubai Police to sell your Dubai-registered automobile in Abu Dhabi. The buyer will also have to present their residency visa and Emirates ID.

How do I transfer my car registration from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

A vehicle clearance certificate from the Dubai RTA is a prerequisite for transferring an automobile registration from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. After that, to finish the registration transfer procedure, go to the Abu Dhabi Traffic Department with all required paperwork, including the clearance certificate.

Are there any fees associated with transferring car registration from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

Yes, there are costs involved with moving an automobile's registration from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. These may include any administrative fees levied by the relevant transport authorities, as well as the fees for the clearance certificate and registration transfer.

Can I sell my Dubai car in Abu Dhabi if it is still under finance?

If your Dubai car is still financed, you can sell it in Abu Dhabi. But first, you'll need to pay the bank the remaining balance on your loan. The bank will offer a clearance certificate upon loan completion, which is necessary for the ownership transfer of the vehicle.

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