Comprehensive Guide for Car Insurance in Dubai

Comprehensive Guide for Car Insurance in Dubai

The emirate of Dubai forbids drivers from operating a vehicle without insurance. Before putting their cars on the road, all automobile owners in Dubai must obtain car insurance to avoid fines and penalties. 

On the other hand, there is no requirement as to what kind of auto insurance you must carry. Third-party liability insurance and comprehensive car insurance are the two primary categories of motor insurance that are frequently available.

Everything you need to know about comprehensive auto insurance is included in this guide, so you can decide if it meets your needs.

What is Complete Car Insurance in Dubai?

Comprehensive auto insurance is an extensive insurance plan with additional coverage, as the name implies. A comprehensive auto insurance policy safeguards the insured party and the claimant, in contrast to third-party liability insurance, which only pays for harm done to the other party's vehicle. In the event of an accident, compensation is given to both the claimant and the at-fault motorist.

A comprehensive auto insurance policy pays for both parties' expenses and medical bills. As a result, full insurance plans are more expensive than third-party policies. Due to the increase in off-roading activities in Dubai, not many insurance providers offer off-road insurance as part of their comprehensive package. The cost of repairs for an automobile damaged while off-roading is also covered by the policy.

The following is also included in Dubai's comprehensive auto insurance coverage:

  • Damages resulting from natural disasters to the insured vehicle
  • Automobile damage brought on by a fire outbreak
  • Vehicle damage brought on by a rollover
  • Vehicle theft or theft-related losses
  • Damages that a third party intentionally causes

Additionally, the policyholder is responsible for paying the automobile insurance deductible under comprehensive coverage.

How to Claim Car Insurance in Dubai?

In the unfortunate event of an automobile accident, you will need to react quickly and follow these procedures to file a claim with Dubai car insurance:

Take pictures of the damaged vehicle: Although comprehensive insurance covers both, the insurance company needs proof of the incident, and pictures aid in this. Take pictures of the damage to your car, the other driver's car, and any body injuries (if any).

Speak with the police: In Dubai, you cannot claim your auto insurance without a valid police record. When police arrive at the site of a big accident, they check your car and provide you an accident report that contains the other driver's contact information. Drivers can use the Dubai police app to report minor accidents.

Speak with your insurance company: Contact your insurance company after reporting the incident to the authorities. You need to submit all the necessary paperwork, including the police report stating who was to blame, to get your insurance claim processed. Photographs of the incident can also speed up the process and be useful for future documentation.

A copy of the vehicle registration and the original driver's license from the United Arab Emirates are required.

Items Not Included in Dubai Auto Insurance

The following situations are not covered by Dubai auto insurance policies:

  • Operating a vehicle without a license
  • Operating a vehicle while inebriated
  • False information regarding the damages
  • Deliberate harm to your car
  • Three years after the tragedy, claims were made

Obtaining auto insurance is mandated by law. You can then drive with peace of mind knowing that your car is insured. In addition, you should obtain luxury or sports car insurance in the United Arab Emirates if you possess a high-end vehicle that is considered a luxury or sports car.

Nevertheless, if you're searching for a new automobile after yours was totaled in an accident, you might want to check out some of the well-liked used cars available in Dubai:

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For additional information on parking guidelines, driving rules, auto insurance, automobile registration, and other automotive-related topics, keep checking out the best blog in the UAE. 


What types of car insurance are available in Dubai?

Three primary forms of auto insurance are available in Dubai: third-party liability insurance, which is required in most cases and covers damage to other people's cars, property, and other people if you are at fault; comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, covers both third-party liabilities and damage to your car resulting from theft, fire, accidents, or other incidents.

Is car insurance mandatory in Dubai?

In Dubai, auto insurance is required. To drive legally on public roads, all car owners need to carry at least third-party liability insurance. This ensures that any damages or injuries caused to third parties in an accident are covered.

How is the cost of car insurance determined in Dubai?

The kind of coverage, the vehicle's age and experience, the driver's past claims history, and the car's value are all important factors that affect the cost of auto insurance in Dubai. Other factors that may also have an impact include the driver's residence and the vehicle's intended use (personal or commercial).

Can I transfer my car insurance to a new owner if I sell my car?

While you can cancel your current policy and ask for a refund for the remaining period, subject to the insurer's terms and conditions, car insurance plans in Dubai are normally not transferable to a new owner. If you sell your car, the new owner will need to obtain an insurance policy.

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