How Do I Find the Value of My Used Car?

How Do I Find the Value of My Used Car?

It can be unexpectedly challenging to sell a used car on your own, particularly if it's older or, well, "well-worn." This is the reason for the prevalence of dealership trade-ins, which, even though selling a used car to a dealer is frequently less profitable, may seem like an easy option (is it really?).

The secret is to understand the true market value of your car. Unless you sell your car to, in which case we buy even the most junkiest cars, make the process incredibly simple, and offer fair market value for your clunker.

See our advice on determining the market value of your used car as well as some important factors that may affect the amount you receive:

Elements Influencing the Value of My Used Car

There are numerous factors to consider, but with the correct information, you can be sure to sell your old car for its actual value. You must first examine the foundations of your car's value in order to establish the appropriate price.


An automobile's value usually decreases with age due to depreciation. Thus, for the same manufacturer, model, mileage, and condition, an older used car will usually be worth less than a newer one. There are some exceptions, though, such as if the parts of your car are highly sought-after, rare, or vintage.


There will be increased wear and tear as you log more miles. If your car is less miles driven than the typical vehicle of the same age, you might be able to get a higher price for it. Even if your used car is in great condition, you should expect a lower offer if it has 200,000 miles or more.


Because certain car brands lose value more quickly than others, some resell cars more successfully than others. The best luxury brands in terms of resale value are Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, and Lexus.

The top mass-market brands are Toyota, Honda, Subaru, and Hyundai. During the first three years, these cars can retain 45–60% of their value, compared to only 35 percent for other brand names in a comparable period of time.

State of the Exterior

Evident corrosion, dents, dings, and cracks tend to turn off potential buyers. It should come as no surprise that used cars lose value the moment they exhibit corrosion on the body or paint.

Apart from interior damage and mechanical issues, a beat-up car can yield a price that is 15–30% lower than that of a perfect comparable vehicle. Regardless of the outside condition, there are buyers who will be happy to take your car off your hands before you think about fixing it up. (That's us! We'll do that! Think about the costs, resources, and time associated with fixing any damage vs selling your car as is.

State of the Interior

You should think about doing an interior deep clean if you intend to sell your car privately. To entice potential buyers to make a purchase, thoroughly hoover and clean the interior, neutralise or mask any lingering odours by cleaning plastic and vinyl and buy new floor rugs.

It is also possible to clean leather seats that are generally in good condition to make them shine like new. The decision to reupholster faded or torn seats may be worthwhile, depending on how old the car is. You won't have to worry about any of this when you use

Gearbox and Engine

Vehicles with different gearbox types—manual or automatic—may exhibit disparate values. Automatics that are newer tend to cost more. Nevertheless, there are a few exceptions, most notably a few off-road, sport, and luxury cars, where a used manual is worth more than an automatic.

Background Information and Registration

Even if you've fixed up your car and it looks brand new, its value will likely be impacted if it was previously written off or involved in an accident.

Additionally, buyers might be prepared to shell out more money for a car that hasn't been damaged. If the vehicle has maintenance records that date all the way back to the manufacturer, that's an even safer wager. When placed on the market, vehicles that are already registered and have roadworthy certifications may fetch higher prices.

Alterations and Extras from Outside Vendors

While home renovations can easily pay for themselves, some aftermarket car modifications usually have the opposite effect. This is due to the fact that modified cars typically wear out faster than stock cars (often because many vehicles are modified for off-roading or racing).

Customisations made with non-OEM parts may also result in a host of other issues. Unless you are specifically targeting auto enthusiasts who understand your effort and value its implications, there's no need to fiddle around too much under the hood.

The Class and Body Type of a Car

Pricing is affected by car class and body type for several reasons. One important consideration is geographic location. Because race cars and convertibles are more attractive and can be used year-round, they are more common in warm climates. Tough SUVs and four-wheel-drive cars are more common in colder climates and areas with more rugged terrain.

Fuel economy is yet another crucial factor. When petrol prices rise, used cars with higher fuel efficiency tend to hold their value better; conversely, when fuel prices are low, used cars with higher reliability ratings and more cargo space hold their value better.

Find Out the Approximate Value of Your Car

Car valuation can precisely determine a vehicle's current market value in the current market by taking into account several significant factors. All of it is intelligent technology and algorithms, and it adjusts itself to the market. Thus, the market value of your vehicle may fluctuate daily. will provide you with an immediate offer in minutes if you want to get rid of your car right away and don't want to think about it or do any work to make it better. And we buy junkers, even the most junkie ones. Just respond to a few brief inquiries.

We pay immediately and provide free online car valuation anywhere in the nation. Contact us right now.

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