How to Apply in Dubai for a Car Technical Inspection?

How to Apply in Dubai for a Car Technical Inspection?

A vehicle must be inspected to make sure it is safe to drive on public roads. Car technical inspection is provided in Dubai by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai. With the use of this service, RTA can verify the vehicle's legitimacy and condition before the registration or renewal procedure. Besides, an RTA vehicle technical examination in Dubai is necessary whether you intend to export the car or transfer ownership.

This is the entire procedure for requesting a car technical inspection in Dubai, including the associated costs.

Application for Technical Inspection of Automobiles in Dubai

Applications for car testing and inspections in Dubai are open to all UAE citizens. To verify road safety and the vehicle's eligibility, this examination is crucial. The owners of the vehicles must pay the designated centres to submit an application for an RTA vehicle technical examination in Dubai.

Let's examine and understand the specifics of the car technical inspection procedure in Dubai.

How May I Apply in Dubai for a Technical Car Inspection?

  • At the centre, the customer turns in the necessary paperwork.
  • The inspection test is performed on the vehicle.
  • The fees are paid by the client.
  • To receive the certificate electronically, the customer must verify his email address at the centre.

Terms & Conditions 

Specialised vehicles, including trucks with mobile kitchens or cars with altered bodies, are sent to a committee for inspection at the licencing department.

  • To challenge the inspection test result in front of a technical committee, the client might schedule a meeting.
  • When undergoing a technical examination, vehicles associated with a commercial activity must pass a specialised inspection conducted by the relevant entity.

Process of Car’s Technical Inspection

Technical inspections of RTA vehicles in Dubai follow a straightforward process. For motorbikes and light automobiles, this process takes 12 minutes; for heavy trucks, it takes 25 minutes.

The following registration and inspection centres need visitors to bring their cars to have them inspected. They must, however, remember which inspection station provides services for the cars in question.

Qualification Standards

Regarding the requirements for eligibility, any citizen, resident, or government employee may submit an application for the RTA vehicle technical inspection service. This service will assist in evaluating the vehicle's state. Through this RTA service, owners can also get classic car inspections in Dubai.

An examination is not necessary for the new car registration. Nonetheless, to renew a car registration in Dubai, you must get an RTA vehicle inspection. For more details visit or get our FREE online car valuation


How long does an RTA inspection take? 

In Dubai, an inspection of a car takes 12 to 25 minutes. For a thorough examination, you can bring your automobile to one of the RTA-approved vehicle testing facilities in Dubai.

What procedures must be followed to alter a vehicle's colour?

Regarding automobiles with licences: To get permission from the General Department of Criminal Investigation, the client submits the application in person or via the Dubai Police smart application. For unregistered cars possessing customs cards: After the vehicle has undergone a technical assessment at one of the inspection facilities, the customer fills out the application and applies the authorised modifications.

How long is the RTA vehicle inspection report valid? 

The RTA vehicle test certificate, which is obtained following an inspection, is available for examination. It lasts for thirty days.

Is vehicle inspection required in Dubai? 

The examination is not necessary for the registration of new cars in Dubai. Nonetheless, the RTA vehicle technical inspection in Dubai becomes necessary if the car is three years old or older.

All of the information needed to apply for a car technical inspection in Dubai was provided here. In Dubai, you have to have a used car inspected before purchasing it. Additionally, you can gain a thorough understanding of the service by reading the RTA car technical inspection FAQs.

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