How to Sell a Car Without the Owner Present?

Sell a car with us because our goal at WeBuyCars is to make the car-selling process as quick and simple as possible. You provide us with information about your automobile (make, model, condition, etc.), we make you an immediate offer, and a tow truck comes to pick up your car in exchange for a check.

Life is hectic. We comprehend. Additionally, there are countless other factors that may cause you to put off selling your used car.

But could it really be any easier!? A lot of individuals really ask us if they must be present when the tow truck arrives. There are various reasons why you could require this, such as the fact that, like many of us, your employment requires you to travel away from where your broken-down vehicle is located or that you're assisting a friend or relative who isn't there with the disposal of a vehicle.

Can I sell a car without the owner present, you might be wondering. The quick answer is probably, we can make it work. But first, a few specifics to ensure everything goes as planned.

When it comes to selling your car, it is nothing more than a chicken wing. We're in the market for any car, which is a major factor in why we made it so simple. Especially those who are completely or partially limbless.

We'll buy the dashboard even if it has more blinking lights than a house at Christmas. Tell us where to sign if it has trash bags for the windows but no brakes. We not only enjoy purchasing ragtops, but we also make selling your car simpler than selling umbrellas in a downpour. To begin with, receiving a valid offer just takes a few minutes.

If I Can't be there for Pickup, So What?

If you're unable to attend the pickup, please contact our tow partner directly to arrange it (we'll give you their contact information once we've matched you with a driver, so long as you accept our offer).

We can send your payment to you after the sale, but you'll need to make arrangements for someone else to be present if you want to pick up your check right away. Once more, we advise speaking with your driver to go over your alternatives.

As always, call our customer care staff (they're fantastic) if you need assistance or additional guidance.

How About the Heading?

To get paid for your car, you'll have to turn over the title. Make sure to inform the driver in advance if you won't be able to do this at the time of pickup so you can talk about your choices and prevent any surprises on the day. Regarding inquiries about documents, our support center is a wealth of knowledge. To get solutions to some of our customers' typical questions, click on the links below.

Do they need to be there for the pickup if I'm conducting the deal on their behalf? As long as the title has been signed in advance, this can be completely acceptable.

Inform our tow partner of the predicament and go over your alternatives when they contact you to make a reservation. Give us a call and, as always, our all-star team will do everything possible to assist if they are unable to accommodate.

Suppose the Title Holder Passed Away!

Using extra documents that enable you to use the title in its current condition, you might be able to proceed with the sale. Once you've accepted an offer, talk to your tow partner to see if it'll be feasible after all.

If not, you'll probably need to transfer the title into your name; the DMV in your area can assist you with this.

We understand that selling a car can seem challenging, but at WeBuyCars, we genuinely care about making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible for you, whether you plan to hand over the keys in person or prefer to relax at a beach bar while your older brother handles the details.

There Is No Haggling, No Test Drives, No Fraud, And No Worries.

Why is selling your car for scrap such a breeze? Let's tell you the truth in all seriousness. No need to strain your brain trying to come up with a clever post to advertise your automobile on Facebook Marketplace.

  • Don't answer any calls, emails, or texts from strangers offering you lowball deals.
  • There aren't any con artists or unethical buyers attempting to take advantage of you and line their own pockets.
  • There's no point in practicing your poker face just to engage in some wheeling and dealing and have a potential buyer back out.
  • No uncomfortable test drives or worrying about stranger danger.
  • No need to waste time washing your automobile only to get a few extra dollars.

Describe Your Ride to Us, And We'll Take Care of the Rest!

Make a dent in the couch and provide some information about your vehicle, including the make, model, mileage, title situation, and general condition of your vehicle.

When you tell us about your ride, we'll immediately send you an offer! If you like it, we'll create an account for you and arrange a free pickup as soon as the next day. I'm done now. A transaction with no hard emotions; take it or leave it.

Your junk car can be sold to us in a matter of seconds.

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