How to Sell Your Car in UAE from Abroad

How to Sell Your Car in UAE from Abroad

If you can't be present when trying to sell your car in UAE from abroad, you must get a vehicle Power of Attenory (POA). If you haven't sold your automobile yet, are you permanently departing the UAE? Or was it impossible for you to sell it while you lived in the Emirates?

You can grant vehicle POA to a firm, a family member, or a person you trust in any of the seven Emirates.

This is our how-to guide for selling your car in the UAE from overseas.

Note that UAE citizens who lack the time to sell their own cars can also use this guide.

What Are the Powers of An Attorney to Sell Your Car in UAE from Abroad?

A person with a power of attorney for a car is permitted to;

  • On your behalf, sell or transfer a car
  • On your behalf, receive the sale money.
  • Renew the vehicle's registration and insurance.
  • Pay fines for moving infractions and towing expenses.
  • Sign transfer documents and the ownership will be transferred as a result.
  • Represent you in all administrative divisions, such as the licensing and traffic divisions.

Obtaining a vehicle Authority of Attorney

The person asking to grant POA to someone else must be older than 21. The necessary documents are listed below;

  • (Original and copy) of passport
  • UAE identification (original and copy)
  • Automobile registration paperwork

Get it Written Up!

A competent company must first draft the vehicle POA and make sure it expressly states that you want to grant the vehicle POA to another person.

If the car is not sold or transferred, you can also ask that the paperwork authorize the POA to export the vehicle to your home country.

In the UAE, it may take up to eight working days to get one written.

If you live in the UAE, you must have the document legalized after it has been written in front of a notary public.

If you live outside of the UAE, you must visit the UAE Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your home nation.

The Translation!

You must get the vehicle POA translated into Arabic by a licensed legal translator if the letter was written in English or another language because Arabic is the official language of the UAE (although English is also widely spoken and regarded as a major language). Please be aware that the translator must possess a UAE Ministry of Justice license. Otherwise, the application may be turned down.

What to Do When Moving the Car!

After establishing the vehicle POA, you must transfer ownership of the vehicle from your name to that of the POA recipient.

What you must do is as follows;

Expunge Any Auto Loans!

Although it is feasible to transfer a vehicle's mortgage to the buyer, doing so is difficult. Before selling a car in the UAE, any unpaid costs must be settled.

Your bank will notify the traffic department to update the records and remove the loan from the system after the loan has been repaid.

The licensing office will notify the owner of the car through SMS that the records have been updated. It may require up to 24 to 48 hours.

Check the Car!

Before being transferred to the UAE, a vehicle must undergo a roadworthiness test. A vehicle test will end with a "Pass" or "Fail" stamp from the testing center.

The center will offer a list of what has to be rectified if "Fail" is marked.

Have your car inspected before listing it for sale; this will protect you from any unpleasant shocks.

Clear the Fines!

Before transferring, any fines owed on the car must be satisfied. You can check fines using any of the available Police applications or the Police websites.

The traffic department can also be paid off fines while transferring the vehicle.

Black points are not taken into account because they are associated with the driver's license, not the car.


If the new owner satisfies the insurance company's new requirements, the previous policy may be transferred if it has 7 months or more left to run.

Some insurance firms do not permit transfers.

If there are still seven months or longer on the insurance, you can also ask for a refund or cancel it.

Switch Ownership!

The final step is to have the car ownership transferred to a family member, trusted individual, or authorized agent with a valid vehicle POA for vehicle sale after all approvals have been completed and approved.

At the time of transfer, you and the person to whom you are delegating POA must both be present. You also require the following documentation:

  • Emirates ID
  • A power of attorney that has been authorized by the government of the UAE

After completing all of the aforementioned steps, the person with POA is now legally able to sell any car in the UAE without actually being there.

As previously mentioned, residents of the UAE who might not have the time to sell their own vehicles can also use this guide.

This is our guidance, then? Do you have any more queries or advice? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.

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