Tips for Selling a Car Privately in Abu Dhabi!

Tips for Selling a Car Privately in Abu Dhabi!

Selling a car privately in Abu Dhabi can be challenging, especially if you are unfamiliar with the private market and the myriad rules and laws that govern it.

That being said, there is no reason you can't obtain a fantastic price for your automobile if you take the time to make sure it looks and performs at its best - and advertise it successfully to the correct audience!

In this blog, we'll go over the procedures you need to take to sell your car, the different online and offline selling options, as well as pointers and recommendations to assist you in selling your car for a good price while abiding by the law.

How To Sell Your Vehicle Privately!

It's crucial to look for any technical issues with your car before putting it on the market. Even if the car seems to be in fine shape, you should still get it inspected by a reputable local mechanic to be sure there are no hidden problems.

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Having a comprehensive service performed on your automobile and having any growing or current mechanical issues fixed will reassure potential buyers that they won't have any issues in the near future. A guarantee is frequently included with your servicing by reputable garages, giving you even more peace of mind.

Give Your Car An Update.

Your car's appearance is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect when it comes to selling at a good price on the private market, after performance and dependability. The kitchen sink is frequently used by auto dealers to make used cars appear virtually new, so you might think about doing the same.

Your car's market value and appeal may decline over the years of regular use (and the occasional coffee stain). But don't worry; the answer is frequently as easy as rolling up your sleeves and thoroughly cleaning your car.

Typically, a dirty inside is what gives an automobile a "lived-in" appearance. But don't forget about the outside; soaking the wheels and body in hot, soapy water may do wonders. You have the option of doing this yourself or having the automobile professionally detailed. The latter option is more expensive, but it frequently produces outstanding results.

There's a fair probability that your automobile has a few tiny dings or scrapes if it's been on the road for a while. Even if they are not necessarily deal-breakers, these can undoubtedly lower your car's worth in the eyes of potential purchasers.

While getting dents and scratches fixed isn't always inexpensive, in many circumstances the expense can be covered by the higher resale value of your car.

Choosing Where To Sell Your Car?

How and where you sell your car should never be an afterthought if you want to get the best price for it. You can use a variety of websites and applications to discreetly sell your car online, including auto classifieds and online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace.

Although online selling has somewhat surpassed their popularity, conventional advertising techniques like buying a classified ad in a newspaper or automotive magazine and posting a noticeboard advertisement at your neighborhood bar, café, or community center can all be efficient ways to attract potential customers.

Draft Your Advertisement!

After choosing between paid and free vehicle advertising websites, you can start drafting an advertisement to draw in customers. Avoid stale vehicle selling clichés like "one careful owner," "first to see will buy," "drives beautifully," and of course, "future classic" when creating an advertisement. The viewers will make their own assessments of each of these.

Instead, be sure to provide relevant details about the car's brand, model, condition, features, and background. Be truthful and mention any tiny flaws or blemishes in your advertisement if you think a buyer would wish to fix them. You should try to provide readers with enough details so they can decide whether they want to see the car.

You must also state the asking price for your vehicle. Simply enter its registration number and mileage into our free online car valuation tool if you're unclear about where to set this. In less than 30 minutes, we can give you an estimate of your car's current value!

The appropriate length for a car ad may vary slightly based on the platform used and the model you're selling, but in most circumstances, a message between 50 and 75 words should be enough.

Take Photographs Of Your Vehicle!

Next, take a number of high-quality pictures to accompany your written advertisement. Take a wide range of daylight photos of the inside and exterior, especially on a clear day.

Include images of elements like the dashboard, infotainment system, and boot (to show users the amount of storage space available). Try to show the car from every perspective that visitors might like to see.

Organize A Test Drive!

There's a considerable probability that someone who asks to see your car will also ask to take it for a test drive. Your car must, however, be taxed in order to give a test drive; otherwise, you risk receiving a fine.

Additionally, you should want to view the buyer's driver's license and insurance documentation. If the car is still insured in your name, their coverage might allow them to drive it. If necessary, you can also set up temporary test-drive insurance to cover the time you plan to sell your automobile.

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You can offer to take them for a test drive as a passenger if they don't have insurance to drive the car but you do. Plan a test drive route that includes a range of roadways, including highways, country roads, and urban areas.

You (or the customer) should accelerate to a range of various speeds so that they can assess how the car behaves all around and decide whether or not to make an offer.

Complete The Transaction!

Be prepared to negotiate if the viewer offers less than the asking fee. A viewer will frequently request a discount since they believe they have found a fantastic deal when the price is reduced.

Consider the largest discount you are prepared to offer (many vendors offer discounts of up to 10%, depending on the value of the vehicle). Allow the viewer to depart if they won't accept your greatest offer. After some thought, they might change their mind; otherwise, you might hear from someone else shortly after who recognizes the potential in your car.

Organize Your Payment!

You can collect payments for your car in a variety of methods, including:

  • Cash is regarded as one of the safest forms of payment. Count the cash carefully once the buyer has paid to make sure they have given you the right amount. You can request to meet the buyer at the bank if you want confirmation that the money is real. The validity of the notes presented should be able to be confirmed by the cashier.
  • Bank transfer: Although this method of payment is frequently more convenient for the buyer than paying cash, it takes a bit longer to execute. The buyer can transfer money using their banking app, over the phone, or, less frequently, by going into their neighborhood bank. Give them the keys only once the money has been deposited into your account.
  • Cheque/banker's draft - This is the most time-consuming of the three payment options we've listed. Again, before giving the keys over, make sure the money has been deposited into your account by checking your bank statement.

Remember, you have the right to cancel the transaction and wait until you find a buyer you trust if you have any reason to be suspicious at any step in the payment process.

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