What kind of Maintenance Should Be Done on a Car?

What kind of Maintenance Should Be Done on a Car?

Maintaining a car is essential for car owners. In addition to keeping you safe, it enhances the performance and dependability of your automobile, lowers the likelihood of roadside crises, and raises the value of your car when you sell it. 

It's crucial to understand when car maintenance should be performed since it helps avoid unplanned, potentially costly repairs. This guide will outline the reasons for each component's need for maintenance as well as when it should occur. However, since every automobile is different, so too may its schedule, be sure to check the handbook for specific information.

Schedule for Auto Maintenance

Your automobile has a lot of parts that require regular care. While it's critical to identify which parts these are, you also need to know which parts should be recorded in a car maintenance checklist. While some parts require maintenance only once a year or so, others should be checked monthly. 

This checklist is divided into typical maintenance tasks that need to be completed on a monthly, quarterly, annual, and seasonal basis. Recall that you should either take your automobile to a reputable licenced mechanic or ensure your own safety by not operating it while performing any of the engine maintenance recommended.

Checklist for Monthly Auto Maintenance

By taking the time to perform a fast service check on your automobile once a month, you may prevent future problems and save money and headaches by identifying possible problems early on.

Examine Your Car’s Tires

It's crucial to regularly check the tires of your car. When you drive with underinflated tyres, you may experience handling issues that make it harder to turn or keep control of your vehicle. Therefore, it's crucial to check your tyre pressure every month, especially if you have large cargo or are travelling a long distance. 

Remember to check your spare tyre with the same care. Because every automobile is unique, find out how much pressure your tyres need by consulting the handbook or doing some research. Here's how to manually check the tyre pressure step-by-step.

Take a look at the tread depth of your tyres while you test the pressure. Although the majority of new tyres come with a tread wear indicator, you can always perform the toonie check. Put a toonie in your treads; if it catches the bear's paws, you're in business. Your tyres are about half-worn if the tread barely reaches the letters and it's time to go tyre shopping if the tread block covers the silver portion of the toonie.

Examine Each Light

Frequently disregarded, your lights require monthly car maintenance. For optimum success, you may need to enlist the help of a friend or family member. After they've tested the turn signal, brake, high beam, and backup lights, have them walk you through your car to make sure all the other lights are operating properly.

Verify the Levels of Coolant and Oil

Check the coolant and oil levels under your car's hood after the engine has cooled. A monthly checkup before you go on a road trip helps prevent engine difficulties in the future. If you're short on either of them, problems could arise.

Examine Your Windscreen

It's crucial to pay special attention to your wipers and washer fluid during the winter. Take a few minutes each month to examine the state of your wiper blades. Examine each blade for damage, splits, or cracks.

Examine the levels of your windscreen washer fluid in addition to your coolant and oil. Top it off as needed; you don't want to get on the road and run out of gas.

Examine the Cables and Battery in Your Automobile

Examine your batteries and the cables that are attached to it during your subsequent three-month checks; you might need to remove a protective rubber covering to reveal the connections. Make sure there isn't any corrosion present and that the cables aren't beginning to come loose.

Rotate Your Tires

You want to make sure that the wear on your tyres is distributed equally as they age. In the long run, this may even save you money by extending your lifespan. The automobile may vibrate if the tread is worn out unevenly, which could eventually cause damage.

Grease the Hinges

Not only are creaky doors irritating, but they also indicate hinge wear and strain. Applying a small amount of lubrication annually for a few minutes should prevent the squeaks.

Replace the Tires

It's time to change your summer or all-season tyres for winter tyres when the temperature falls below 7°C. Having seasonal tyres prolongs the life of both sets of tyres in addition to improving your own safety. Make sure to rotate the tyres after changing them!

Swap Out the Wipers

Wiper blades suffer greatly in Canada's winters, and the intense summer heat doesn't help either. It's a good idea to replace your wipers at the same time as you would change your tyres. This will prevent streaks on your windscreen and give you a year-round view.

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