What to Do With a Junk Car in UAE?

What to Do With a Junk Car in UAE?

You may be unsure of what to do with a junk car in UAE that is parked in your garage or driveway. Fortunately, you have a few choices: you can either donate it to a charity or sell it for parts. We'll look at a few of the best junk car disposal methods in this post.

Sell Your Junk Car for Parts in UAE:

You may be able to sell your car for parts if it's in reasonably good shape and contains some expensive components. The engine, gearbox, and tires are just a few of the expensive parts your car's salvage yard or auto parts store will buy. Another option is to try selling parts online via platforms like WeBuyCars.ae.

You'll need to investigate the value of the parts in your car to receive the best possible compensation. You can estimate the value of your car by using online resources, from which you can deduct the cost of any damaged or non-functional parts.

Give It to a Charitable Organisation:

You can give your junk car to a non-profit if you're in the mood to be kind. Vehicle donations are accepted by many charities, and they frequently provide free car towing. The donation will result in a tax deduction for you, which may help defray the cost of buying a new car.

You must locate a charity that takes automobile donations if you want to donate your car. There are so many well-known organizations that take automobile donations. To locate respectable charities in your region, you can do thorough research.

Sell Your Car for Scrap Metal:

You can sell your car for scrap metal if it is beyond repair and non-operational. Depending on the weight of your car and the current scrap metal market price, many scrap metal dealers will pay you for it. Although selling your car for parts will bring in more money, this is still a viable option if you need to get rid of an unsalvageable vehicle.

You must locate a nearby scrap yard or metal recycling facility to sell your car for scrap metal. Make sure to give them a call in advance to find out their rates and any specifications for selling scrap metal.

Exchange Your Car:

You might be able to exchange your old junk car for a discount on your new car if you're planning to buy a new one. Numerous auto dealerships provide trade-in programs whereby they will accept your used vehicle and credit its worth towards the acquisition of a new vehicle.

You'll need to find out the value of your car through research to receive the best possible trade-in value. To estimate the value of your car based on its make, model, and condition, you can use online resources such as webuycars.ae.

After Removing Priceless Components, Sell Your Car:

You can remove the valuable parts from your car and sell the remaining parts for scrap to companies. If your car has valuable parts but is too damaged or non-functional to sell it for parts. Although it will involve some work on your part, this option may help you get the most out of your car's value.

To extract valuable parts, you'll need some basic mechanical knowledge and equipment. Parts that can be sold for a good price include the starter motor, alternator, battery, and catalytic converter. You can sell the remaining car for scrap metal after removing the valuable components.


Don't let your junk car sit around collecting dust. A junk car can be disposed of in a variety of ways to receive cash for cars, such as selling it for parts or giving it to a good cause. You can get the most money out of your junk car and free up space for something new by investigating your options and conducting some research.

You can find a solution that works best for you, whether you decide to sell it for parts, donate it to a charity, sell it for scrap metal, trade it in, or remove valuable parts before scrapping it. Contact WeBuyCars.ae right now and get our FREE online car valuation to know the best possible value of your junk car.


How do you scrap a car in the UAE?

Your best option for selling your scrap car in the UAE is to sell it to a scrap car buying specialist like webuycars.ae. After a brief appraisal of your car, our team of towers and mechanics will travel to you, no matter which emirate you are in, and give you hard cash.

How can I sell my car for scrap in Dubai?

Selling your scrap car with webuycars.ae only takes three simple steps:

  • Use our FREE car value calculator to receive a quick estimate for your scrap car.
  • Make an appointment with us to have your car checked.
  • If you are pressed for time, a member of our customer service team will come to you. Our clients are very important to us.

What is the quickest method for selling a junk car in UAE?

Top methods for selling a junk car in the United Arab Emirates is WeBuyCars.ae. The quickest method for getting paid cash for your car is this one.

Several car markets exist in the United Arab Emirates, with the largest and most well-known being the car market via word-of-mouth; online; through auction.

Is it simple to sell a car in Dubai?

Selling your car in Dubai means accepting that it might be a drawn-out and frequently frustrating process. Your goal is to negotiate the best price for your vehicle as quickly as possible. Although selling a car on your own is not a difficult task, it does take time and effort.

What paperwork is required in Dubai to sell an automobile?

  • Agreement for Online Vehicle Sales
  • Both the buyer and the seller's original Emirates ID
  • Visitors from the GCC: Valid passport.
  • Guests: a copy of both a valid visa and passport.
  • Ownership of the vehicle in the event that it is registered, as well as any export, customs, or transfer certificates.
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