What to Do With Damaged Cars By Storm in Dubai?

What to Do With Damaged Cars By Storm in Dubai?

If your car has been flooded, damaged, or rendered unusable, due to a heavy storm in Dubai then you should follow these instructions with WeBuyCars.ae.

Power outages and property damage are just two of the many emergencies you may face in the wake of a hurricane. You must address any water or wind-blown debris damage to your car right away to prevent other issues like mold growth or electrical issues.

Evaluate the harm. Many insurance representatives advise against starting a waterlogged car until a trained mechanic has given it a full car inspection. Putting the car on when it's stalled in deep water or flooded might seriously harm the engine.

Water in the electrical system also has the potential to start a fire. Take pictures of the car and its surroundings. Having photographic proof of the damage's cause may be helpful while submitting a claim.

Put on a button. Make sure to cover and seal any windows that were broken or knocked out during the storm to stop additional water damage and entry. Packing tape and a tarp ought to do the trick.

Examine your insurance coverage. Notify your insurance provider or agent that your car has flooded due to a heavy storm in Dubai.

A number of incidents and natural disasters are covered for your car if you have comprehensive coverage. However, your damaged car is not covered if your insurance coverage is limited to liability. If in doubt, give your insurance provider a call to collect the information you need and begin the claim procedure.

Assess if your car can be salvaged or if it has to be trashed. You will need to have the vehicle inspected if it is not safe to drive. Perhaps you can locate a qualified technician in your area who can quickly examine the automobile in your driveway and offer advice on what to do next.

If not, you might have to have it towed to a repair facility so that it can be thoroughly examined, checking for possible damage and water entry as well as making sure the electronics are working properly.

There are issues specific to electric vehicles. There are still dangers involved in a flood, even though there is no need to be concerned about the engine or fuel system. Experts advise that even if the electrical component is not damaged due to water exposure, there is a chance the battery itself could be irreparably damaged, requiring complete replacement.

According to them, there is also a chance that massive batteries could spontaneously catch fire due to chemical deterioration and short circuits, which could result in thermal runaway.

Certain ingredients do not combine with water. When submerged in floodwater, electrical systems in both electric and gasoline-powered cars are particularly vulnerable to harm. Even though extra electronic parts for their motor or motors in addition to the battery, one never knows what might happen to a vehicle's different electrical systems when it is submerged in floodwaters.

The 12-volt electrical system in both gas-powered and electric cars can impact screens, controls, and electrical components subject to flood damage. Any vehicle that has been submerged in water should not be driven without a thorough check by a qualified technician.

Prevent the smelly-car syndrome. Mold and mustiness soon permeate flooded cars, particularly if water seeped into the carpet and upholstery. Eliminating such smells is a difficult undertaking if the saturated materials aren't replaced.

Parts that are exposed to stored moisture also run the risk of rusting, which might seriously harm the structure. It is important to dry out the automobile as soon as possible, give it a thorough cleaning, and maybe replace the carpet or other components.

An automobile that has been fully flooded can be fixed, but it will cost a lot. You'll need to compare the price of purchasing a new or used car with the cost of repairing it and ensuring reliability in the future. Of course, this choice may be influenced by your insurance coverage.

Make sure the next vehicle you purchase is dependable, safe, and does well in testing if you must take the automobile to the junkyard. For further details, visit our website WeBuyCars.ae where you can sell any car for cash.

Simply, give us a call right away and we’ll be there to give the best possible cash offer for your flooded car stuck due to a heavy storm in Dubai

Damaged Cars By Storm in Dubai


My car was damaged by a storm in Dubai. What should I do first?

Determine the degree of the damage first. After reporting the damage to your insurance company, take pictures for your records.

Will my insurance cover the damage caused by the storm?

That's contingent upon your policy. Storm-related damage is typically covered by comprehensive insurance policies, but it's important to check your policy or get in touch with your insurance company to be sure.

Can I still sell my damaged car in Dubai?

You certainly can. Car buyers such as WeBuyCars.ae buy wrecked cars, especially storm-damaged autos. They can evaluate your car's condition and make you an offer.

How does the process of selling a damaged car work with WeBuyCars?

Usually, the procedure entails requesting an online quote or setting up an inspection at their place. They will present you with an offer after determining the full degree of the damage. They will take care of the paperwork and payment if you agree.

Is it worth repairing my damaged car before selling it?

The degree of the damage and the cost of repairs to the car's value will determine this. You may determine whether it's more cost-effective to sell your damaged car as-is or after repairs by getting an estimate for it from WeBuyCars.

How long does it take to sell a damaged car to WeBuyCars?

The procedure may differ based on variables like the degree of damage and the speed at which you supply the required data. Usually, they can finish the deal fast if you accept their offer.

What documents do I need to sell my damaged car to WeBuyCars?

Usually, you'll need your driver's license, your Emirates ID, and any pertinent insurance papers. WeBuyCars can assist you with all the documentation needed for the sale procedure.

Can I sell a car that's been declared a total loss by my insurance company?

It is still possible to sell an automobile that has been deemed a total loss. WeBuyCars is an organization that specializes in buying damaged cars, particularly ones that insurance companies have considered total losses.

Will I get a fair price for my damaged car from WeBuyCars?

WeBuyCars takes pride in providing fair pricing for vehicles that are damaged. Their offers are determined by the state of your vehicle and the state of the market.

How can I contact WeBuyCars to sell my damaged car?

To start the selling process, get in touch with WeBuyCars by phone or on their website. They will walk you through the process and address any other queries you may have concerning selling your rain-damaged cars.

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