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Changan badged cars are hugely popular in the UAE. The French car manufacturer produces some fantastic cars that provide a stylish aesthetic with reliability and performance, making these cars great all-rounders for the general buyer. Models such as the Changan EADO are incredibly common on UAE roads, mostly due to their balance of accessible looks and affordability.

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Changan models we're looking to buy

  • 2016 Changan CS75

  • 2017 Changan CS35

  • 2017 Changan CS75

  • Changan CS75

  • Changan Raeton CC

  • Changan CS35 2014

  • Changan EADO

  • Changan EADO 2017

  • Changan EADO 2018

  • Changan Eado DT

  • Changan Stallion CS35

  • Changan XT RS