Options for Selling a Car with a Blown Motor!

Options for Selling a Car with a Blown Motor!

Selling a car with a blown motor can be fixed, replaced, or offered for sale as-is. Depending on the type and model, the cost to repair or replace can be anywhere or much more. You have a few alternatives for what to do with an automobile that has a blown engine if it is not worth the expense to repair it.

Selling a Car with a Blown Motor As Is!

Consider learning how to sell a car with a bad engine rather than investing additional money in your vehicle. Post it on message boards, in the newspaper, or online. Make careful to put "As is" on the listing so customers know you want to sell a car with a problematic engine. They may be interested in it as a project or for parts and have the time and resources that you do not.

Offer the Vehicle To A Junkyard!

Check out your neighborhood scrap and junkyards if you are having problems finding a buyer or simply want to get rid of your problematic old coupe. To find the greatest deal, search online or make several calls. Most yards will accept cars with blown engines if you have the registration or proof of ownership in the form of a title.

Tell the truth about the situation and the engine problem. Some scrap car buyers will make an offer per ton, while others will make a better deal based on the salvage and future sale of parts.

Sell the Automobile Components!

Although a blown engine may make your car inoperable, it doesn't make it useless. You might think about selling the old chariot for parts if you don't mind getting dirty, having the necessary tools, and the time.

The value of a car with a faulty engine is in the more than 30,000 pieces that make up the majority of cars. Others have values ranging from cents for clips and washers or more for tires and rims, alternators, exhaust systems, and even the radio. Some of these items aren't worth anything. Post them on other websites.

Getting Ready To Sell Your Car!

You should inspect your car before giving the keys and ownership to the new owner. Eliminate all trash and personal items. Examine the areas beneath the seats, the consoles, the glove box, the door pockets, and the trunk. Take the jumper cables and special jack, if you purchased them.

Do not forget to check the CD player for any discs and to obtain your insurance documents and registration plates. Once you've sold the car and have the money in your pocket, get in touch with the insurance provider to terminate the policy or switch it to your new vehicle. The same applies to the license plates; either transfer them to the new ride or delete them.

Save Any Valuables Parts You Can!

At the very least, remove any parts that can still be sold or used if you're selling a car for scrap. Rearview mirrors, branded stick shift handles, emblems, and other legitimate pieces that might be used for restoration projects may be found on older cars.

These minor components shouldn't have an impact on the selling price because the car is being sold for junk. Then, for additional money, you can list these components online.

How to Trade in a Car with a Blown Engine the Best!

A car's blown motor can lower its resale value. Opt instead to trade in your blown vehicle for a new or used one. You only need to shop around since there are more used car dealers and more new car dealerships in the UAE.

A majority of them, but not all, will give you a discount on your purchase. Keep in mind that you'll have to give it to them. See what you can find by shopping around, then give us a call to see if we can provide more. Even picked it up for you!


Now that you know what can make a motor blow, how to prevent it, and whether it's worth fixing, Hopefully, you can decide. Your automobile can be doomed if its engine blows, especially if it's an older model with poor value. Contact us if you want to sell a car with a bad engine for cash, trade it in, or just junk it. Any automobile, truck, or van is worth top cash to us, even if the engine is damaged.


How can I know if the engine of my automobile has blown?

A non-starting engine is the first warning indication and could indicate an engine block crack or blown gasket. Another is if your car's exhaust pipe is spewing out white or blue smoke from your engine. Additionally, listen to the hood for any rattling or knocking noises. Another surefire indication that an engine has blown is if the automobile starts but overheats quickly.

What occurs if an engine fails while you're driving?

If your motor blew up while you were driving, your automobile would run erratically and make strange metallic noises or knocking sounds. When an engine blows, there is more noise, smoke, and vibration. The temperature of the engine may also increase, and the engine indicator may turn on. All of them are red flags that something is awry, therefore you need to stop right away.

Can a car with a blown engine be driven?

Yes, a car with a damaged engine will typically still run. The engine will still turn over if the head gasket fails but anticipate oil to spill. A blown engine can also frequently be caused by overheating. In this situation, you can try to start the engine and operate it for a short distance only after letting the engine cool down.

Is it possible to repair a blown engine, and how much will it cost?

An engine resurfacing or gasket replacement may be sufficient to repair a blown or damaged engine. You might need to replace the engine entirely if the damage is serious. Most passenger car engines may be changed.

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