Spring Car Maintenance Tips for Used Cars

Spring Car Maintenance Tips for Used Cars

Now is the time to go proactive and perform some preventative car maintenance before you and your vehicle hit the road for the season. Spring is here as the flowers are sprouting, the birds are singing, and the convertibles are waking up from their winter hibernation in the garage!

Investing a small amount of time and money on basic upkeep tasks can result in significant cost and hassle savings throughout the year. For this season, below is a basic spring car maintenance checklist:

Examine Your Tyres

It is a good idea to manually check your tyre pressure once a month, even if your automobile has a tyre pressure monitor. Underinflated tyres will shorten tyre life and reduce fuel efficiency, which will ultimately cost you more money. Even a few pounds underinflated won't activate your dashboard monitor.

You'll need a tyre pressure gauge, a specialised automotive instrument, to check the pressure in your tyres. You can choose a tyre pressure gauge that is entirely digital or an analogue one that looks like a pencil. If your tyre pressure is low, you should consider using a portable air compressor, which may also be used to pump air into the tyre.

Examine the Wiper Blades

This winter, your wipers have probably seen a lot of use. To make sure you can always see the road clearly, it's crucial that you check them periodically. Check your blades for fraying. If it has been a year since you last replaced your blades, replace them even if you don't notice any fraying.

When blades are being used—during a downpour—that's when they break. So, take care of that issue before it arises. A large, unforeseen expense may result from a wiper blade breaking just when you need it most.

Give Your Car a Thorough Wash

You've probably heard of "spring cleaning"; don't forget to give the car the same attention. One of our best spring auto care recommendations is a thorough car wash. Keeping a careful eye on your wheels and wheel wells as you descend, begin at the top of your vehicle.

Visit a car wash where they clean the car's undercarriage if you reside in a state where the roads are salted after a snowfall or if you have driven through one. Remove all of the road salt from your priceless components, or else you run the chance of them rusting and corroding too soon.

Remember to apply a high-quality auto wax or ceramic coating to complete the wash. By taking these extra precautions, you can protect the paint of your car and extend its shine.

Examine Every Fluid

Your car cannot function without some essential fluids, just as you must drink water and have coffee to exist! Although you can hire a mechanic or an oil change company to perform this for you, it's wise to understand how and when to check the fluids on your own.

Oil checks are standard procedures. When the engine is cool and idle, check it for the most accurate reading. Additionally, you ought to examine the gearbox fluid, which is tested while the engine is running and ought to be full and red in colour.

  • Verify the coolant level to ensure it reaches the "full line."
  • Verify that the brake fluid reservoir in your engine compartment is full and has a golden hue.
  • Verify that the reservoir for your power-steering fluid is full.

Examine Your Brakes

Good brake pads can save your life! You most likely need new brake pads if you hear a metal scraping sound as you brake. You can frequently see them through the wheel covers. Replace the pads if they appear to be less than ¼ inch.

Have your mechanic or dealer look them over if you're not sure. If you leave them on for too long, your rotors may wear down and need to be replaced or turned, which will come with a considerably larger cost.

Care for Your Vehicle Like a Pro

It's official—you're prepared for endless smiles! Maintaining a regular car maintenance schedule is essential to keeping your vehicle operating safely and correctly. For the best car maintenance advice available, check out our articles on car maintenance on the WeBuyCars.ae Blog.

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