What Happens to Your Damaged Car After You Sell It?

What Happens to Your Damaged Car After You Sell It?

That damaged car that has been taking up space on your property for years is something you are ready to get rid of. It should be at the salvage yard where it will be recycled and you will get paid money because it is beyond repair.

You make the decision to sell your damaged car after doing some research on respectable salvage yards in your neighbourhood. But after it's sold, what happens to your treasured trash car?

Vehicle VINs Are Removed From The DMV Database

Vehicles that have reached the end of their useful lives due to accidents, fires, floods, or other natural wear and tear are referred to as end-of-life vehicles.

The VIN of your End-of-Life junk car is first removed from the DMV database. By doing this, you can make sure that nobody buys your automobile, fixes it, and then resells it without the buyer realising it was a salvage car.

Older Vehicles Are Recycled

Customers remove the vehicles' usable pieces after they have been depolluted and brought to the salvage yard. After that, what's left is crushed, processed again, and recycled. Car recycling keeps 800,000 non-ferrous metals and 11 million tonnes of steel out of landfills and back in the hands of consumers.

After that, the steel is sold to manufacturers and processors who use it to create new consumer goods. Nearly 25% of steel produced today is recycled metal. The trash car’s lead batteries, copper wiring, aluminium wheels and parts, plastics, rubber, steel and precious metals (platinum and palladium) will all be separated and cleaned up by the salvage yard.

These can be sold to customers or used again by the yard. Every damaged vehicle must go through the de-pollution procedure to ensure proper recycling. Many items found in junk automobiles, such as airbags, mercury switches, antifreeze, and other items, might be hazardous to the environment and need to be disposed of by a facility with the proper licence. It is also possible to sell or reuse other products including coolants, fuels, and oil.

What Concerns the Parts, Then?

Certain End-of-Life establishments, stock the car and offer the parts for sale to customers. After decontaminating the vehicle and allowing customers to remove their own pieces, the trash car is disassembled, and the remaining parts are recycled. Almost 7,000 cars were recycled in just the previous year.

Now that you know what we will do with your junk car, use our FREE online car valuation tool to get a fast quotation for your automobile! Alternatively, have a look at our inventory if you'd like to see our selection of high-quality used car parts.

The destiny of your damaged car after you sell it to WeBuyCars.ae is determined by the extent of the damage and the state of the car. This is what usually occurs:

Evaluation: In order to choose the best course of action, we carefully evaluate the damage and state of the vehicle.

Repair and Resale: We might decide to fix the car and resell it if the damage is not too serious and can be fixed. Our skilled team makes sure that repairs are completed quickly and correctly.

Parting Out: We might disassemble and sell the salvageable pieces of cars that have significant damage or problems that cannot be fixed. Through this procedure, we are able to provide reasonably priced parts for other vehicles while also optimising the vehicle's value.

Recycling: We properly recycle cars when they can no longer be repaired or when the expense of repairs is too high. This guarantees the recovery of valuable resources and the appropriate disposal of hazardous materials.

Selling your damaged car to WeBuyCars.ae guarantees that it will be treated responsibly and in compliance with environmental standards, regardless of the outcome. You can rely on us to deliver an accurate estimate and manage the procedure smoothly from beginning to end.

In summary:

Selling your wrecked car to WeBuyCars.ae guarantees a quick and responsible transaction. We take care of your car with care and skill, whether it needs repairs, parting out, or recycling. Put your trust in us to conduct the transaction smoothly and fairly, relieving you of the burden of a damaged car.


How soon can I sell my damaged car to WeBuyCars.ae?

We provide a simple, fast method that can let you sell your damaged car in as little as thirty minutes.

Can WeBuyCars.ae purchase my vehicle despite significant damage?

Yes, we do buy cars in any condition, even if they have significant damage. Just provide us some information about your vehicle, and we'll make a reasonable estimate.

Does my damaged car need to be repaired before I sell it to WeBuyCars.ae?

No, you can sell us your damaged car without having to fix it first. By buying cars as-is, we help you save spending time and money on repairs.

How can I use WeBuyCars to acquire a valuation for my damaged car?

You can visit one of our locations for an in-person assessment, or you can get a fast online valuation by giving us some information about your automobile.

Which paperwork is required in order to sell WeBuyCars my damaged vehicle?

The registration of the car, your Emirates ID, and other pertinent documentation—such as service records and insurance papers—must be provided. Our staff will manage the required documents and walk you through the procedure.

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