What to Do When Your Car is Missing Important Parts?

What to Do When Your Car is Missing Important Parts?

Just like human bodies, cars also change with time. Although it's reasonable to assume that your foot won't fall off in a few years, functional or aesthetic car parts can. When that occurs, do you fix whatever broke right away or do you plan an alternative course of action? If you decide to replace and end up spending more money than you anticipated, will this purchase have a positive or no impact on the resale value of your car?

Here, we examine some automotive components and provide answers to frequently asked questions. Don't worry, we also have answers to questions like "Can I sell my car with missing parts?"

Tyre Stem Caps for Pressure Valves

Is it possible for me to drive without one? The valve stem cap covers the tyre valve and prevents dirt, water and road salt from entering the tyre. Your tyre may leak air if it isn't capped. Although replacing is not urgent, you should do so as soon as possible.

Perhaps. You might find yourself trying to resell a car with leaky tyres if you leave the cap off for an extended period. The resale value of the cover won't be impacted by leaks, or even worse, flat ones.


The purpose of the car antenna, on more recent models with fin antennas, is to allow you to receive GPS signals or radio stations. Bear in mind that having no antenna means your car is devoid of features that a prospective buyer might consider necessary.

Sun Protection

Lack of a sun visor can be extremely dangerous as it shields your eyes from bright lights, direct sunlight, and other strong rays.


Not unless your only set of keys is missing. That might be a problem. Some car keys can only be custom-made at the dealership; they can't be readily replaced by a locksmith or with assistance from the owner's manual.

The cost of car keys varies based on the type of vehicle. Recall that you must pay for both the part and the service for any repairs you do not perform yourself.

The value of your car to a buyer could be significantly impacted if you decide to DIY key replacement or only resell one of your two car keys.

Rearview Mirror

Driving without a rearview mirror is legal (though it is if your side mirrors are broken), but it can be very problematic if you don't have one, particularly if your automobile is larger. Recall that you must pay for both the part and the service for any repairs you do not perform yourself.

Extra Tyres

Not having a spare tyre can be acceptable if you live in an urban location or a place where towing is available around the clock. However, having a spare tyre is essential if you live in a remote place where no one may be able to assist you in the event of a flat.

Lug Nuts

Other wheel nuts may fall off as a result of additional pressure on the wheel caused by a missing wheel nut. Hurry and take your car to a shop or see your reliable technician! You need to proceed with caution: remove each lugnut one at a time if you're changing them rather than hiring a professional.

Your car may sustain irreversible harm if there are missing lug nuts. When trying to resell, if you don't have one on or a few on, you're setting yourself and the car—and maybe the person driving it—up for failure.

Catalytic Units

The Lack of a catalytic converter won't affect the automobile itself, but it will alter the sound of the exhaust. Your car won't be removing harmful compounds from the air that contribute to pollution. It's crucial to remember that tampering with the catalytic converter is prohibited, particularly in states with stringent emissions regulations for cars.

Although the catalytic converter has no direct effect on the vehicle, it does have an impact on the air and surroundings in which you drive.


In addition to being a major hassle while attempting to open and close the car door, not having car handles may make matters worse in the event of an emergency. What is the cost of replacing it?

Remember that the cost of external and interior door knobs varies. The price range for both kinds of handles may vary.

Does my car's resale value suffer as a result of this? Consider a prospective car buyer attempting to enter your vehicle. But in reality cannot!


The ability to roll down and roll up windows is something that potential customers seek.

If you've realised how many functional or aesthetic parts your automobile is lacking after reading this list, you may still be wondering,

"Should I junk or sell my car?" WeBuyCars.ae would be pleased to accept your car, even if it is missing any or all of the aforementioned parts if you decide to part with it. For us, no automobile is too old, damaged, or broken.

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